Caves:An Ideal Natural Store For Your Stamps

You might think of caves as a natural habitat for bats and other similar wildlife. However, it now turns out that the environment inside the caves at the industrial complex Hunt Midwest SubTropolis in Kansas, USA is also perfect for postage stamps.

Since 1982, the United States Postal Service’s Stamp Fulfillment Center has stored postage stamps for the entire country inside of these caves just north of the river near the Ameristar Casino. Actually more than 10,000 postage orders a day are filled here – from businesses, individuals, and even collectors. Its also known to be called the Fort Knoxof stamps as some of the USA’s more valuable stamps are said to be housed there!

\"\"The storage room is three-quarters of a mile inside, as you come into the entrance, and at150 feet underground. The temperature remains 72 degrees fahrenheit year round.”

There are some humidity controlled areas for certain stamps, but, for the majority of stamps the conditions in the cave are so pleasant there is no need to store them in temperature or humidity controlled area.

It has been said that stamps valued between $400 – 600 million are stored in the facility at any given time!

Customers who collect US stamps from all over the world have their collections directly sent from the cave. Since some of the stamps are very valuable, there is a lot of security in and around the cave.

Well done to US Post for such an original idea. We are sure plenty of other countries will want to use their existing caves in the future instead of paying a premium for storage!

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