Ajmer-an active philatelic bureau

Ajmer, the cultural capital of Rajasthan has a very nicely operated Philatelic bureau.About\"\" 2000 PD Accounts are being handled by Mr.Sultan Singh in charge of bureau.In this bureau all recent released stamps and other philatelic material is available.Mr.Singh is very cordial and helping and working hard to fulfill requirements of not only local philatelists but visitors and all account holders.Singh said that regular supply is being dispatched every month.Many local senior philatelists visits regularly in the bureau and they are happy with services. A special cancellation of Ajmer philatelic bureau is also available here .

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8 Responses to Ajmer-an active philatelic bureau

  1. Naresh grawal says:

    We need more Sultans for other philatelic bureaus in India.Certainly Ajmerians are lucky to have such nicely organized bureau.Such bureau play vital role in serving philatelists and promoting philately which is the aim of opening such bureaus.
    Bureau here in Bilaspur (C.G.) is the worst I have ever seen.With very hard and regular efforts of local philatelists for years together,it was opened in 2005 and the required PDA’s were opened including one of mine. Believe it or not, I personally don’t know even a single person who has ever been served philatelic material by post by this bureau.However,dealers did enjoy its existence. Well, of late, there are changes in its set up. The person attending has been changed.But philatelic accounts are still stand still with deposited money enjoying the same status with no interest to depositors.
    To cut short,I congratulate Ajmerians and wish that all the philatelic bureaus all over India have at least one Sultan Singh attending the local philatelists and not the dealers.

  2. Deepak Modi says:

    Happy to know about the work of Mr.Sultan……..if any one from Jaipur reads this comment then I would request him that whenever he/she visits Jaipur Bureau just say ThankU to Mr.Sultan on my behalf for his dedication………thas it

  3. prannay chhibber says:

    Good Work Sir Keep On Doing This And Serving The department With all The Sincerity And Hardwork

  4. Deepak Modi says:

    Opps…….Kindly consider it Ajmer Bureau instead of Jaipur…….

  5. anil kr pujara says:

    No doubt a good work n good service to promote the hobby which is hijacked by few to meet their self interest.I must say bureau like Ajmer are few in India.Agra n Shimla are also examples of good n professionately managed bureaus where incharges are too much willing to help the genuine collectors as they realise the hardships being faced by the collectors.Pl keep it up.

  6. kamran Ahmad says:

    congratulation Sultan Ji,people appreciating your efforts.I also have acct. in Ajmer bureau and very much satisfied with the services,and i know Sultan Ji,who always gives me attention.I open 15 new accounts on 28th Dec for some school kids and i choose Ajmer philately bureau due to their services.I am also thankful to senior philatelists Mr.Sahu Ji and Baijal sir who regularely visits here and guide the new philatelists.

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  8. Kalesh Kumar S G says:

    Great to know that there are bureaus like Ajmer serving Philatelists with a smile. I hope and wish that all bureaus were like Ajmer…

    Mr. Sultan is higly appreciated…

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