Picture Postcard from Goa

Noted philatelist Hiren Zaveri send this picture postcard to philamirror from Goa.Goa is a land of joy .This PPC is about cashewnut of Goa.Front part of postcard is autographed by a bollywood actor.\"\"\"\"

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2 Responses to Picture Postcard from Goa

  1. Kasinath says:

    The postage in the card is insufficient/incorrect. Correct postage for printed postcards within India is Rs. 6, and for airmail is Rs. 12

  2. D H RAO,CHENNAI says:

    respected sirs / philatelist , 18th feb 2011
    with due respect to the creator of the cashew card – this isNOT A MAX CARD-why 1.cancellation on the back side and not on the pictire side.
    2. stamp and picture are different
    3. cancellation picture ans stamp are all different -no connection.
    4 at best this is called picture card -attracts rs6/- in postage stamps
    wish the creator to be more carefull henceforth in naming the category.

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