Se-tenant stamp on National Council of Education and Dr. Triguna Sen

India Post today released a se- tenant stamp.Dr. Triguna Sen was born on 24 December\"\"1905 at Solhet (now part of Bangladesh) he was an eminent educationist ardent freedom fighter able administrator and good parliamentarian.  He was instrumental in establishing Jadavpur University at Kolkatta.  He was elected President Alumni Association of National Council of Education Bengal, Jadavpur University.  He was also Union Minister for education and Minister for Petroleum for brief spell.  He passed away on 11thJanuary 1998.

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12 Responses to Se-tenant stamp on National Council of Education and Dr. Triguna Sen

  1. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    Another stamp & that too setenant, which has got all the potential to be a WINNER……As only 3 lacs printed, this will be in demand in the coming days…..Hope all the genuine collectors have laid their hands on it.Happy huntin’ Folks…

  2. DR. PRADEEP JAIN says:

    Yes Mr. Joseph you are right as you have correctely predicted from distance. This stamp has already started moving upward.It is very difficult to decide the actual reason of this sudden shortage and hike in its prices within short span of time.

  3. Sudhir Jain says:

    Within a short span of seven days this stamp was out of stock from most of the Philatelic Bureau because this was the only se-tanent issued in the year 2010. Some dealers have cornered it. I hope Bureaus will supply this stamp /FDC to all their account holders.

    • udit says:

      Most of the philatelic bureau has stopped the counter sale of this stamp. This does not necessarily mean that they are out of stock. Many bureaus have stopped the sale in order to provide this stamp to PD account holders first. So you can be assured that your supply in pd account is safe and no dealer in INDIA can get those…..


    I hope I get my Triguna Sen se-tenant thru my PDA at Mumbai of 30 plus yrs. vintage. Last year Mumbai G.P.O withheld my RBI stamp & FDC despite my A/c. was full on cash. Please, GOI pay these Philatelic Bureau guys well so that they only serve they are there to look after & desist from unholy nexus.

    • Dinu says:

      Et tu Brutus…

      I have written somewhere in much later date (August 16, 2011) that despite visit to postoffice within 7 days of issue I could not get it and though I have heard many promises from fellow brethren but never got my requirement of block of 4.

      Opening PDAC is not a foolproof way to get supply as claimed by many.
      Greed can never be quenched irrespective of money earned. As long as someone fills empty in heart golds can be poured in his hand but still his lure of silver lying somewhere out cannot be ceased.

      There was a gospel/ story
      One monk came to a mighty emperor’s court and asked for alm of 1 unit of money (like Rupee 1 of today). Emperor felt insulted and after informing the monk that even his body guard can pay it asked the monk to raise his demand.

      Monk said that he can increase the demand only if King can gurantee that he will fulfill it.

      Getting King’s confirmation monk took out a small satchet of size equivalent to a human fist and ask king to fill it with anything he likes – “but it should be full”.

      Slowly to king’s amazement the entire kingdom vanished in that small bag but it never even became half full (or half empty!) .
      At last king admitted defeat asked for forgiveness and an explanation.

      Monk said, ” Oh mighty emperor! this bag is made from human heart which cannot be satisfied. That is why I have asked only that much which could sustain my life for the day”

      So, paying babu more is not a solution for stopping unholy nexus.

  5. Kamran Ahmad says:

    It was expected that this Se-tenant stamp will become rare but it is amazing it take very short time.Now which is next? May be Mina Kumari stamp…


    I received my Triguna Sen through PDA as usual. But, indeed I was
    hugely surprised to see that the stamp is astir on the internet.
    I saw it’s FDC offered for Rs.175.-
    Also from the E-Bay I gather that Mina Kumari stamp is now cheaper
    than a few months ago .
    I have no idea, though ,about the truthfulness of prices as they appear
    on internet shops.

    • Dinu says:

      Dear Gargsaab,
      It appears you are either in Delhi or attached to Delhi bureau.

      You are lucky that you received it.

      Triguna Sen (error reported) and KD Raya ….????!!!!!

      I have got half the quantities (2 out of standing order 4 – I hope noone will blame me as a hoarder for giving standing instruction of 4, which I had to revise only this month to a big figure which is the minimum double digit to assist fellow brethren who are in far flung area ) of KD Raya with lame excuse that supply was inadequate? Sure, if the Printing press supplies these directly to dealers under unholy nexus then surely the supply will be inadequate.

      We should open our account in all Security printing press. But will there be any relief – write to any mint who are supplying coins and you will know why. They never respond _ it is my own proven experience.

      Best regards

  7. N.A.Mirza says:

    Dear friends
    Greetings to you all.
    There should be a remedy to every excess. But who should suggest the remedy? Its we collectors of course because we suffer. The system always has both advantatges and disadvantages and ultimately the beneficiaries are those take advatnage of the disadvantages. Its always therefore preferred not hit the system but those who benefit from the weaknesses of the system and make others suffer. I therefore suggest, as a remedial measure, to name those dealers – hoarders and point out the prices they demand as Mr. Sunil Kumar Garg pointed out on September 22: “I received my Triguna Sen through PDA as usual. But, indeed I was hugely surprised to see that the stamp is astir on the internet. I saw it’s FDC offered for Rs.175.”
    I hope such pointing out of the hoarding dealers will help contain hoarding itself.

    N.A. Mirza


    Less than a few hours ago, on e-Bay I saw a particular site offering scores of different miniatures sheets in lots of hundred .
    Krishnadeva Raya was there too- 100 miniature sheets at Rs.6,500.-
    Yesterday too I saw one web-shop selling 1 Miniature Sheet of
    K D Raya at Rs.125.-
    ( I am richer by Rs.60.- in the least on the one I got via PDA).

  9. sunny monowarson says:

    I wanted to know if Dr. Triguna Sen had any contribution to the Bangladesh liberation movement in 1971

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