Joint-Stamps Mark 50 Years of Vietnam-Cuba Ties

\"\"The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Information Technology, the Cuban Institute for Friendships with the People (ICAP) and the Vietnamese Embassy, have  issued a commemorative set of stamps to mark 50th anniversary of Cuba-Vietnam diplomatic ties in Havana on December 6.

The set of stamps, designed by Cuban artist Ricardo Monnar, feature a green Vietnamese bamboo and a Cuban royal palm, symbolises the heroic, resilient and indomitable fighting spirit of both countries. On the top of the stamp are the national flags of both countries in the shape of a rainbow representing the traditional ties between Vietnam-Cuba.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Gonzales reviewed the development of the two countries’ diplomatic relations over the past five decades and thanked the Vietnamese people for their support in asking the US to lift its embargo on Cuba as well as praising the growing cooperation between both countries in rice cultivation as a practical contribution to ensuring food security in Cuba.

She also hailed Vietnam’s socio-economic achievements after 20 years of carrying out the renewal process and confirmed that the Cuban Party, State and Government will continue to build upon its good relationship with Vietnam.

Vietnamese Ambassador Vu Chi Cong, stressed that bamboo is very closely linked to the Vietnam’s history and culture. Vietnamese people make a lot of useful things from bamboo for their daily use. Bamboo was also used in the fight against the invaders.

Earlier on December 2, the Vietnam Stamp Company also introduced a new set of stamps with the lotus representing the Vietnamese spirit and soul and the mariposa representing Cuban’s determination to fight for freedom.

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