India Post Issued New Stamp on Prafulla Chandra Chaki

\"\"Prafulla Chandra Chaki (1888-1908) was a revolutionary associated with the Jugantar group of revolutionaries who carried out assassinations against British colonial officials in an attempt to secure Indian independencPrafulla Chaki was born on December 11, 1888 in the Bihari village of Bogra district, now in Bangladesh.

He was expelled from Rangpur Zila school when studying in Class 9 for taking part in a students\’ demonstration that violated the Carlisle Circular of the government of East Bengal and Assam.Prafulla, along with Khudiram Bose was chosen for the murdering of Kingsford, the Calcutta Presidency Magistrate.Khudiram and Prafulla watched the usual movements of Kingsford and prepared a plan to kill him.

In the evening of April 30, 1908, the duo waited in front of the gate of European Club for the carriage of Kingsford to come. When a vehicle came out of the gate, they threw bombs and blew up the carriage. However, the vehicle was not carrying Kingsford, rather two ladies – Mrs. and Miss Kennedy were killed. The revolutionaries fled.

Prafulla and Khudiram decided for separate routes for escape. Prafulla took disguise and boarded train to Kolkata. Nandalal Banerjee, a Sub-Inspector of Police, suspected Prafulla at the Samastipur Railway station. A commotion and a short chase ensued. Prafulla was soon cornered and he took his own life by shooting at the head.

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