United Nations Definitive Stamps 2011

\"\"The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) will be issuing six definitive stamps on 4 February 2011,the next year , in the denominations of US$ 0.11, US$ 5.00, CHF 0.10, CHF 0.50, € 1.25 and € 2.85.

These definitive stamps are based on hand-drawn illustrations designs representing street and aerial views of the UN buildings in New York, Geneva and Vienna. They were illustrated by Scott Solberg (United Nations).

Specifications of these stamps include formats on 32 mm horizontally by 26 mm vertically, perforation to perforation (13 in all).

The vertical sheets of 20 stamps have four marginal inscriptions, two in the left margin and two in the right margin. The marginal inscription consists of the United Nations emblem with the text “United Nations” above the emblem and the year 2011 below the emblem. One copyright symbol with the year 2011 appears in the bottom margin.

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