INDIAN ERRORS:Rare v/s Common

By Udit Kasera

\"\"Errors in stamps have always been a charm for all the philatelist. All philatelist would like to catch hold of some as they are very rare. But is the rarity so special in itself !

Before 2000, simple and common errors like perforation shifting used to be considered very rare but now a days perforation shifting is a common affair. Until and unless there is a major shifting, perforation missing or color missing, the error does not get the stature of rarity.

Look at the above error of RUBENS, on a first glance it is very difficult to even point out the error. The error here is the Bubbled Eye of Rubens in one of the stamp. Just imagine the whole sheet containing this one stamp, probably today most of the philatelist would have simply ignored. But back then getting slighest of the errors was also being lucky.

So do we need to say that the printing accuracy of stamps really improved ?

Now a days the errors have become a part of GENERAL INDIAN PHILATELY where everyone seeks to acquire some or the other error as you can be sure that every issue will contain some or the other error.That is the reason for buying sealed bundles of stamps from GPO.

Obviously the detailing in the study of errors in stamps have decreased bacause such minor errors / defects can be found in 100\’s of varieties in every issue (plus the number of issues every year has increased from 20-30 to over 100) thus making it impossible for anyone to study it so minutely.

Many times the stamps are printed in 2 shades, one being lighter and other darker (as it was in astrological signs MS, Rear Fauna of North East MS, etc. ) which is also not considered as an error due to its commonality.

Does that mean collecting errors is worthless?

Obviously not, they do have greater value but not as good as the earlier days. Also the collectors of errors have seemed to have increased and this could be mainly because of the huge nos of errors committed these days.

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2 Responses to INDIAN ERRORS:Rare v/s Common

  1. DR. PRADEEP JAIN says:

    Dear Udit, I agree with you but dont you think that with this much
    advancement in technology there should be less errors why it is on higher side?Is it the negligence or knowingly created for any specific purpose for few persons.
    In exhibitions special marking is given to these items which has become very costly affair beyond the limits of a common man.So this should be given second thought and in my opinion the bonus markings for such items should be stopped.

    • udit says:

      I absolutely agree with you that with advancement of technology, the errors should decrease… But I believe the advancement in printing had led to stamps of better quality paper & much better ink and various glossy looks…but one aspect which has been ignored is ACCURACY….

      It is definitely negligence but one big reason can be associated with the huge nos of issues (100+) coming out every year….As it is, india post is unable to deliver the issues on time, thus delivering accuracy in printing is a big question?

      As far as marking is concerned, That is up to the senior philatelist to comment on….ERRORS have become a costly affair

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