Indian Philately:A Hobby Market Based On Hypothetical Prices.

Indian philately has vast potential. India is among those countries which are releasing maximum number of stamps every year. In previous years there was a down trend in philately and number of philately stamp collectors was reduced.  No recent official data of philatelists is available in the country but according to annual report of 2005 of department 1,43000 P.D.(Philately Deposit) accounts exists.

Recently due to many reasons, philately is getting its glory again. Because of downfall in previous years prices of Indian stamps were standstill, since 2007 a boom in prices could be seen. It is not due to popularization of noble hobby but due to hoarding and unethical practices.

Indian Philately

In India, there is no established system of buying and selling stamps and other philatelic material. Philately bureau across the country are providing only recent issues and for old material stamp collectors should have to got to one or another dealer. These dealers are well connected and unite. The whole market is governed by a catalogue called guide book published by a private publisher. In this catalogue also prices are based on market (dealers). This catalogue is silent on many important philatelic material and guides that prices of rare material will be based on demand & supply.

We studied and analyzed prices of Indian stamps since 2006. For example year back of 1948, its price was 6275 Rs. in 2007 12100 Rs. in 2009 and 15200 Rs. in 2010 many more examples could be understood by this table.

Year Set

\"\"The rise in prices was purely hypothetical & more than gold and shares. There was world wide recession during the period but prices hiked in philately without increase in umber of philatelists in the country. During the period there was no reason which positively affected philately globally.

Other example is miniature sheet;\"\"

This table shows more clearly hypothecation of prices. A MS which was selling in 125 Rs. in 2006, how can jump on 1500 Rs. in just 3 years without hoarding, on the other hand what were the reasons with 2004 Agra fort MS, why its price fluctuated?

Source of these tables are price lists of renound stamp dealers and they are charging 12% VAT also. They are charging much more on withdrawn issues openly & showing prices of banned material in these lists.

In India there is no monitoring of philately market, and dealers can fix, rise and decrease prices with own convenience.

In this era when even small offices and departments are online, in our country philately bureaus are not connected with internet. Connectivity will transparent the system existing PD account system can easily made centralized where applications received from bureau can be processed, it will end the delay in dispatch  and scarcity, besides this still stamps are dumped in different bureaus and small post offices. An online booking system of philately material will not only be a good source of revenue for India Post but resolve problems of stamp collectors & decline the growing tendency of hoarding of philately material.

Price Growth

Commemorative Year Pack Complete Set


Mninature sheets complete set\"\"

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5 Responses to Indian Philately:A Hobby Market Based On Hypothetical Prices.

  1. Kamran Ahmad says:

    Really very strange thing and sad too for philatelists.I have visited some philately counters where i seen lots of material is dumping there and i found so many stamps and miniature sheets from 2006 is still available at some small town counters for which dealers are pricing very high.Recently i visited Bhopal philatelic bureau where i found year pack 2005,2006,2007,are still available in bulk quantities and i purchase some old miniature sheets also which were belongs from 2006,2007 also.
    In the same when i visited Jaipur philately bureau they said there is only queens baton MS available with them.Our postal department have to arrange these stuff in proper manner and there should be information online to help and promote philately.I opened an account in Jaipur philately bureau on 1 Oct,2010 and still no MS no material they send to me.How they work still a puzzling thing for me.

  2. Santanu Panigrahi says:

    All Bureau officials are having nexus with the dealers. The issue in demand will never be available to the collectors. The best examples are Madhubala, Sai Baba, Tamil Conference etc. So, opening of P.D. account is foolishness. The bureau drains the account sending unnecessary issues. Complaints are never attended. So, collector has no option left except to depend on the mercy of the dealers. The stamp trading in E-bay is also one of the reason for hike of price of philately market. God save the collectors.

    • Rahul says:

      I am totally agree, i opened PD account and they sent me unnecessary stamps released in previous month but not in order,so in this way my balance was insufficent.This is the way of working of indian post officials.

  3. udit says:

    Well i differ in opinion…..P.D. account is the best way to procure stamps…and anyways there is nothing like “unnecessary issues” for a collector….If he is collecting india mint he will want to have at-least 1 pc of each issue……dealers are meant only for old & rare stamps… not the new issues

  4. Garretot says:

    Super post, tienen que marcarlo en Digg


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