Ten Commandments of Philately

  1. Never buy STAMPS from a dealer without knowing more about them through Books, Periodicals & Catalogues.
  2. Spend time on putting your purchases in their respective places.
  3. \"\"Air your stamps at least once a month, since light and air are both required for the healthy condition of your stamps.
  4. Always use blotters for storing your mint stamps and avoid the direct contact of your stamps with either cellophane or P.V.C.
  5. Keep mint stamps carefully in tin boxes with blotters and Silica – gel crystals.
  6. Use the guidance of the SPECIALISTS before speculating on any odd or new stamps.
  7. Do not peel off hinges from your stamps unless you are an expert. It is always better to put the used stamps in water to clean them. Always wash the used stamps, dry them on blotters under a small weight and then mount them in the albums. Remember some old stamps should not be washed in water like all other stamps.
  8. Never use chlorine or any chemicals unless you know how to use it. Occasional washing with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide is useful.
  9. Remember your stamps can bring you a fortune, only when you care to maintain its condition. It does not matter if it is a mint or used stamp. Maintenance makes the difference.
  10. Always try to use good quality accessories.

Source & Courtesy :South India Philatelist\’s Association

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