The Degenerated State Of Indian Philately

Indian philately is facing problems of different kinds since past many years.Although it is quite rare to see a whistle blowing somewhere but we did spot out an occassion in the past when such voice was raised. No idea if the issue was heared or not but better let us read a piece of the \”truth-crying\” as the text is reproduced for the awackened readers of Phila Mirror….

…Nothing of importance is discussed in general body or governing council meetings of PCI and every thing important including awards and appointments, are available for the asking, but for a price, from a small group of people who are attempting to hold control and whose acceptability factor in general hovers close to zero.

We consider it our duty to report truly the Indian philatelic scenario. We had hoped that better sense would prevail and collectively the senior philatelists would try to give a positive direction to philately in India. Instead an attempt is being made to control it through the Philatelic Congress of India (PCI) that has been run as a privately owned business and not as public society, that it is meant to be, in 26 years of its existence. Earlier the favors were dispensed by Jatia but now it is the small group that considers itself the true inheritors of this privately owned lucrative philatelic business better known to the world as PCI.

This group is prepared not to allow a change even at the cost of creating a negative image internationally.  Encouraging new collectors and guiding them to emerge on the International philatelic horizon was something that Jatia did with ease. Instead this group continuously nominates themselves and their loyal and pliable cronies to positions of commissioners and jury members. These members then use these positions to settle personal scores at international shows.  They do not even have the vision to let go of the district level exhibitions even though they have been, with the help of Jatia, acting as experts internationally. If there philatelic knowledge were to be tested they would feature nowhere even on the National scene.

India has the potential of nurturing international philatelists many folds the numbers that are currently participating.  But it is the close sighted view of this small group that has disgusted many an emerging philatelists to simply give up the hobby and pursue other ventures.

We request the India Post to also come forth and recognize individuals and institutions that have been doing good work in promoting philately. The PCI even though it is meant to represent the interest of the philatelists has been actually doing damage to the promotion of philately being done by the India Post by misrepresenting the interests of the general collectors.

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Part 1, Issue # 58 – March 28, 2002 )

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