The Sunday Funnies Collection From United States Postal Service


Sunday comics is the commonly accepted term for the full-color comic strip section carried in most American newspapers. Many newspaper readers called this section the Sunday funnies.

The first newspaper comic strips appeared in America in the late 19th Century, closely allied with the invention of the color press. Jimmy Swinnerton\’s The Little Bears introduced sequential art and recurring characters in William Randolph Hearst\’s San Francisco Examiner. In America, the popularity of comic strips sprang from the newspaper war between Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer.

Every year, the United States Postal Service release a set of new stamps and this year, one particular set stands out: The Sunday Funnies Collection.

Based on popular newspaper comic strips, the series will include stamps involving Archie, Garfield, Dennis the Menace, the cast of \”Beetle Bailey,\” and Calvin and Hobbes!

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