Philately Exhibitions-The New Victim Of Stamp Dealers

One of the current victims of stamp-dealers\’ vested interests is “philately-exhibitions.

\"\"Very surprisingly the trend is growing almost everywhere in India that whenever there is a philatelic exhibition organized the stamp-dealers are almost invariably invited for trading. It is all the more astonishing that there is always an official stall for all the philatelists. At these official stalls all philatelic materials are sold at their face-value. Even stamp-dealers can also purchase the same at the face-value.

Many a times it is projected as if the dealers organizations or philatelic societies are running the show. This is not a healthy practice. The government is losing heavily on its revenue. The postal authorities should consider this issue with more sincerity.

The dealers who trade in these philatelic exhibitions quite often attempt and succeed in selling the “Restricted Philatelic Materials”. You must have observed stamp-dealers selling “withdrawn and/or pre-mature issues”. How many of the dealers know that this is illegal.

Any official event like a philatelic exhibition just cannot let anybody violate the law and the rules established under the constitution of the Union of India.

A philatelic exhibition is an opportunity for philatelists at large so that they could catch on new trends, aspects, themes,and collections. The main objective of any philatelic exhibition is to offer an opportunity for healthy exchange of views and philatelic products among the philatelists. The government should never intend to convert such an activity in to the exclusive business-meet.

However, stamp-dealers have their rights to conduct business on their own means. They may have exclusive forums for the purposes.

Philatelists need to know that India is awakening now and it is not simple to keep the public and philatelists in dark. Philatelists should raise their voices.

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