Jeevan Jyoti\’s Rainbowstamp Club Blog:An Indian Philately Milestone

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\"\"Indian philately is entering in to a new era and online presence of Indian philatelists is becoming more prominent now days. We observe several Indian philately websites and blogs have come up past few months. However, there are dedicated philatelists who could identify the power of online presence a long back and now they are among the pioneers. 

Reference of Indian philatelists who have gained prominence online through years would obviously include Jeevan Jyoti\’s Rainbowstampclub blog on blogspot. The archives of this blog shows that it was established in the year 2008 and since then has grown tremendously. It is one of most visited blogs among Indian philatelists. 

Jeevan Jyoti hails from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India. “ The idea to start this club is to create interaction between the members and develop fraternity among philatelists round the globe”, says Jeevan Jyoti. 

Jeevan Jyoti has contributed immensely to the indian philately through her blog. There are several features in her blog and a visitor always gets fresh inputs and updates all the time. Maintaining and updating a personal blog certainly needs passion and dedication. Jeevan Jyoti is an example in herself. 

The blog displays lovely images of stamps and other philately products not only from India but also from other parts of the world.There are many other fellow Indian philatelists who keep contributing to this blog.It elevates the blog in its quality for sure. 

The blog of Jeevan Jyoti is really good as far as its content is concerned. However, a professional philatelist like Jeevan Jyoti should preferably have a self hosted blog instead of a shabby looking free blogspot online existence.

Review Editor: Ashutosh Vajpeyi

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8 Responses to Jeevan Jyoti\’s Rainbowstamp Club Blog:An Indian Philately Milestone

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  3. Naresh grawal says:

    For me “Rainbow” is “Never Go”.In fact,I have witnessed rainbow growing from the beginning with its light colors getting dense, its shabby look getting clear, and its contents becoming part of life of its readers. Technically, aesthetically,.. its quality has improved tremendously.Being a regular contributor to this magazine, I congratulate Mrs Jeevan Jyoti for successful completion of 3 years of this esteemed magazine. This effort of her has given momentum to the readership of e- magazines in India and also established indian philately in the world.

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  5. Jeevan Jyoti says:

    Thanks for reviewing my blog. Here I want to mention that I am not a professional philatelist at all and philately is my hobby which I want to promote through Rainbow Stamp Club and Rainbow Stamp News Blogs. Rainbow Stamp Club is just a platform for the philatelic community to share views and information on all philatelic subjects.


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