Stamp Dealers in India:All is Well ?

\"\"The existence and flourishing of stamp-dealers is simply because of the potential tremendous growth and probabilities of monetary gains in philately. This is why we find that the number of stamp-dealers in India has reached to hundreds now days.

The \”profit\” is a division line between dealers and philatelists. A philatelist will happily exchange stamps but a stamp-dealer would never.

There are a few dealers who do promote philately in one or other way although the number of such philanthropic stamps dealers could barely be counted in double digits. Philatelists generally respect stamp dealers who do sell but guide with good sense and who do not treat philately as a tool to mint money or in straight words do not use it as an extortion-tool.

Is it wrong to be a stamp-dealer then?

There is nothing wrong in owning and running a business. The law of the land provides enough freedom and rights to do so to all the citizens of India. But this freedom and all such implied rights are subject to specific legal definitions. Any activity or business that is not in consonance with the law of the land is simply”illegal”.

In philately, it is true that dealers are often helpful and are good agents to get some old and rare stamps and other philatelic products.


Overstocking,fixing hypothetical prices,hoarding, and creating artificial market is completely unfair and unethical. Is it legal? Obviously not !

There are many other dealer-activities that are not legal and cross the rules-boundaries quite often.

Recent trends in philately have attracted the attention of philately enthusiasts across the country. Majority of the new practices under establishment are centered around stamp-dealers. As a matter of fact, some of the extra-interested stamp dealers are managing everything behind the curtains.

This is certainly not good for the health of philately and philatelists need to break their silence now.

There is nothing wrong in being a stamp-dealer.  It is no bad if someone invests healthily. But anything that is not in legal consonance and unethical and not in overall interests of the philatelists at large will always be condemned!

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