Se-Tenant Stamps of India (Part-01)

\"\"Setenant is the French term for \”joined\”. In philately, it refers to two or more stamps, on the same pane, but having different designs, denominations, or colors. Once rare, this has become the most popular style for US stamps, indeed for stamps world-wide. The traditional way to print stamps was one design to a pane, and in the days when all stamps were engraved, so there was significant time and effort involved in each design, that made sense. But as production methods evolved, there was little additional cost to multiple designs, and once the concept had been tried, and people liked it, it became the standard.

\"\"The first US issue designated as setenant was a block of four Christmas (holly) stamps in 1964, though there are earlier issues that could be considered setenants.India released its first se-tenant stamp on Mathura Museum in 1974.

Dr. Pradeep Jain has provided scans of his collection of Se- tenants for readers of Phila Mirror.Today we are presenting first volume of this series.It will help philatelists who are collecting se-tenant stamps of India.



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