Se-Tenant On Miniature Sheet

By Udit Kasera

Looking at the recent trends in Indian philately, no one would disagree to the rapid investment and growth of number of collectors and investors resulting in BOOMING prices of MODERN INDIA STAMPS.

The two most popular collection category i.e. Sheetlets and Se-Tenant are becoming costly every few months. The general phenomenon of guiding prices in any field of any market comes down to \”Demand and Supply\” and in the case of Modern India it is very much evident that Se-tenant and Sheetlets are in huge demand.

Se-Tenant as we all know are the stamps issued in Pair. It may be a pair of 2 or even 4. In the recent issues of Princely States and Commonwealth Games, India Post issued 4 varieties of stamps in Sheets of Singles along with a Miniature Sheet.

The MS of these issues however consist of the 4 stamps joint together thus making it a Se-tenant. Even though the original issue was not planned for Se-tenant the design of MS results in the same and thus the collectors will have to tear the Miniature Sheet to get the Se-tenant Pair.

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One Response to Se-Tenant On Miniature Sheet

  1. Anil Kr Pujara says:

    Dear Udit, I agree with you. Recent trend clearly indicates the increasing interest in Setenents from MS n Sheetlets.
    Surprisingly this year, only 1 sheetlet has been issued though more than 10 months have passed n very good themes like Rathyatra, Pigeon n Sparrow, Astrological Signs even Common Wealth Games have been wasted.
    These could have been used for issuing Sheetlets.
    I think this forum should be used to convey the suggestions to the concerned authorities on possible expectations and aspirations of collectors.
    Pl keep it up.

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