Stamp on P L Deshpande

\"\"Purushottam Laxman Deshpande (8 November 1919 – 12 June 2000) was a Marathi writer from Maharashtra. He was popularly known by his initials पु. ल. (\”Pu. La.\”).

Deshpande was also an accomplished film and stage actor, music composer,  singer, and orator.Deshpande was a prolific writer and produced numerous original works as well as adaptations of works from other languages into Marathi. He preferred to identify his Marathi adaptations of plays and novels in other languages as bhawanuwad , meaning \”adaptation of the essence\”.

Most of his writings are deeply rooted in Marathi language which some consider as his command over the language while some others consider it as a shortcoming. He is best know for his wit and his detailed observation and ability to put it succinctly. He was awarded a Sahitya Academy award for his book Vyakti Ani Valli.India post released a commemorative stamp on P L Deshpande on 16 june 2002.

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