Stamp On Vasudev Balwant Phadke

\"\"Vasudeo Balwant Phadke was an Indian revolutionary and is widely regarded as the father of the armed struggle for India\’s independence. Phadke was moved by the plightof the farmer community during British Raj. Phadke believed that \’Swaraj\’ was the only remedy for their ills. With the help of Ramoshis, Kolis, Bhils and Dhangars communities in Maharastra, Vasudev formed a revolutionary group called as Ramoshi.

The group started an armed struggle to overthrow the British Raj. The group launched raids on rich English businessmen to obtain funds for their liberation struggle. Phadke came into limelight when he got control of the city of Pune for a few days when he caught the British soldiers off guard during one of his surprise attacks.

Vasudev was born on 1845-11-04 in Shirdhon village of Panvel taluk. he was recaptured and put back in prison. Vasudev then went on a hunger strike to death. On 17 February 1883 Vasudev breathed his last breath as a result of his protest hunger strike.

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