Mobile Philately-A Boon for Philatelists

By Anil Kr. Pujara


With the advent of technology, world has become a small village. Piece of information which used to take months to travel, is now available to all at the click of the mouse . Getting information has become all the more convenient and affordable because of mobile connections. Earlier collecting stamps and special covers of even our country used to be like life time achievement. Complete information would not be available. A handful of collectors/middlemen would make fortune in the process of facilitating the completion of collection of handful collectors. The hobby could find it difficult to expand it wings and remained confined to Kings only. Information regarding release of a new commemorative stamp would not be known beyond limited areas.

With access to internet becoming more convenient, the journey of information has become faster. Still internet is having limited availability. Hobby of Kings now travels more fast. Thanks to Mobile Telephony. Thousand of Philatelists ,Dealers and In charge of Philatelic Bureaus across the country start their day when an S.M.S appears on their mobile from ‘Mobile Philately’ sharing piece of information regarding release of a Special Cover and/or a Commemorative Stamp in different parts of country.

Collectors who had to spend their fortune to acquire material for their collection can now have it  conveniently . Information regarding release of any new Philatelic Material/Numismatic material/Meeting  is at the door of every subscriber who has subscribed to ‘Mobile Philately.

Subscribing to Mobile Philately is very simple. You need to have a mobile connection ( which every one is having) and you have 2 options of joining SMS channel 1 or 2 or even both.

For channel 1 just type in capitals:

ON (give single space) MOBILEPHILATELY and sent it to 9870807070 &

for channel 2 type in capitals:

JOIN (give single space) MOBILEPHILATELY and send it to 567678.

After joining any of the channel successfully the sender will receive a welcome message. The welcome message conforms his/her membership to Mobile Philately & after this the member needs to send his Name, Mobile No., Address, email Id & Collecting Interest in form of SMS to Mobile no. 9890373344 or in form of email at The procedure about how to join Mobile Philately is also available on Mobile Philately is also available on Twitter & Blog can be seen  by clicking

The person running the show in young immature Philatelist ‘Deepak Modi’ who is Professional by qualification, businessman by profession, a hobbyist, lover of nature, birds and music and promoter of Philately. He is, in true sense a friend of Philately.  Selflessly he is promoting philately. The site ‘Mobile Philately is basically a site which has many owners in true sense and no owner. Anyone can flash the massage and to that extent become the owner and serve the noble cause of sharing the information and promoting Philately.

Therefore, let us join hands and try to share the information about Philately /Numismatic.

Sharing of information leads to the growth of knowledge.  Let Philately grow beyond boundaries.

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