Rathyatra Miniature Sheets:Exclusive Exchange Offer For Philatelists

Sudhir Jain offers an interesting exchange opportunity for the readers of \”Phila-Mirror\” and all philatelists

I understand that there are seven (07) types of “Rathyatra Miniature Sheets” issued until now. Philatelists must know that actually nine (09) miniature sheets had been printed in a full Sheet of paper with the white paper at left and right side.

There were four (04) “Traffic Lights” were printed on all the four corners of the sheet. Subsequent to the printing, all those nine (09) miniature sheets were separated by cutting. Thus at the end there were seven (07) varieties of this miniature sheet as under;


1. Traffic Light at left upper side,

2. without any white paper at any side,

3. Traffic Light at right upper side,

4. White Paper at left side,

5. White Paper at right side,

6. Traffic Light at left lower side,

7. Traffic Light at right lower side.

Three Miniature sheets of middle side were same without any white paper of Traffic Light; hence it is considered only one variety.

I am having verity No. 2 and 6 in bulk quantity. Other varieties I do not have. If any collector can provide me other varieties, I can send him double the quantity of no. 2 or no. 6 in exchange. Meaning thereby, I will give two Miniature sheets in exchange of one Miniature sheet of other verity. Postage will obviously be borne by both individually.


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52 Responses to Rathyatra Miniature Sheets:Exclusive Exchange Offer For Philatelists

  1. sreejesh says:

    Variety shown as 5 is not plain, it is 09th variety with cross mark on side.

    like cross mark in left side also available is called he 8th variety.

    Total 09 varities are available

  2. sreejesh says:

    I can spare 01 , 03, and 07 presently one each

    • Sudhir Jain says:

      Thanks Sreejesh ji. I am interested in No. 1 (Left Upper) and No. 7 (Traffic Light at Right Lower) one each. In exchange I can send two M/s. of No. 1 ( Traffic Light at left upper) and two M/s. of No. 2 (Without any white paper – Centre position) – Total 4 M/s. If you are interested, please send your address. Regards.

    • vijay modi says:


  3. udit says:

    Dear collectors & sudhirji

    Firstly as pointed out by sreejesh there are 9 varieties & not just 7…..
    the two margins (i.e. left & right) are with both cross and without cross

    I have right Margin Plain which i am interested to exchange with right cross & i have TL position 3 (left bottom) for which i need TL 2 (right top)

    anyone interested can call me on 9649022220……

  4. Sudhir Jain says:

    Yes. Now 9 verieties found. May be get some more…….

  5. Veeraiah S says:

    I have verity of 2 (golden border) Please let me know if you interested to exchange..I have large quantity.

  6. Veeraiah S says:

    Please note my mail ID: veeru2u@gmail.com from bangalore.

  7. udit says:

    I would like to exchange right margin with
    Cross against right margin plain….I have plain
    Margin in quantity….

    For exchange only…no selling

  8. abhay says:

    intrested in rathyatra exchange,
    mon 0989499770

  9. abhay says:

    i have 4 varities in quantity for exchange=Abhay

  10. abhay says:

    in quantity for exchange onlyyyyy

  11. Sudhir Jain says:

    Dear Abhayji,
    Please inform which varieties you can offer for exchange.
    – Sudhir Jain

  12. Kasinath says:

    I need MS with and without cross at white border.

    I can offer on exchange 2 MS of variety number 1 (traffic light on top left) for 1 MS of my above requirement.

    contact email – kasinath80@gmail.com

  13. Sudhir Jain says:

    Now I have 7 varieties of M/S. and need only following 2 varieties –
    1. Cross at left side on white paper
    2. Cross at right side on white paper.

    I also want full sheet of 20 stamps of Rath Yatra with traffic light at upper left side. In exchange I can give traffic light at lower left side or right lower side.

    – Sudhir Jain


  14. udit says:

    I need LEFT TOP TRAFFIC….(T1)…..

    In return i can provide all 3 sides (RIGHT TOP, RIGHT DOWN, LEFT DOWN)…….for example if anyone gives me 3 Left Top Traffic i can provide him with 1 traffic of other 3 sides….Like that i need 40 Left top Traffic Light…..

    Contact 9649022220

  15. Hemant Kumar Jain says:

    I have 2 var. in spare i.e,TL on left top & white border on right side. In exchange I wants TL on left bottom & white border with or without X on both side or white border on left side only.
    Please contact :-+919425484703.

  16. vijay modi says:

    Dear philatelist
    i have Left top T/L 70 no’s. and
    have like to exchange Right Bottom T/L
    any interested please contact me on 09426413044
    or mail id vijay_idom@rediffmail.com

  17. anil kr pujara says:

    I have 8 each spare left top n left bottom traffic light for exchange on one to one basis for right traffic light.Two right blank margin available for exchange in lieu of left margin.

    • VIVEK MALHOTRA says:

      Dear Mr. Anil Kr Pujara
      I have 4 nos to Spare – 3.Traffic Light at right upper.
      And Would Like to have 4. White Paper at left side & 5. White Paper at right side.
      Vivek Malhotra
      Nagpur – Maharashtra

  18. DR. PRADEEP JAIN says:

    Dear friends,
    I have left cross and in exchange I want right cross as well as I can offer right plane and in exchange I want left plane one, anyone interested can contact me on 09425554530.

    • udit says:

      Dear pradipji

      i have right cross & right plane for which i need the left cross & left plane. I am willing to exchange 5 sets of Right cross & Right plance with 5 sets of Left cross & left plane….

      contact 9649022220

  19. vijay modi says:

    Dear friends,
    1) I have right plane and in exchange I want Left Plane,
    2) I have Left Top T/L and in exchange I want Right Top Or Bottom,
    for exchange on one to one basis
    anyone interested can contact me on 09426413044.
    Vijay Modi

  20. udit says:

    Available for exchange 9 different rath yatra!!!!!

    1 set of 9 different rath yatra ==> in exchange of 6 Left Margin (any, cross or plane or both of your choice)

    contact 9649022220

  21. vijay modi says:

    1) I have right plane Margin,
    in exchange I want Left Plane margin,
    2) I have Left Top Traffic Light
    in exchange I want Right Top Traffic Light,
    for exchange on one to one basis
    anyone interested can contact me on 09426413044.
    with your offer
    Vijay Modi

  22. vijay modi says:

    dear readers
    please above all offer from vijay modi
    is withdrawn, please don’t send any message………………………
    vijay modi

  23. RAJENDRAN says:

    iam having all 7 diffrent puri rath yatra m.s for sale.
    contact no.09841704117.

  24. RAJENDRAN says:


    iam going abroad and i wish to sell mint stamps of india and all miniature sheets, special covers army covers first day covers year wise and all setanants stamps and all sheets of mint stamps and all sheetlets.

    those who r willing to buy
    contact 09841704117

  25. rajendran says:

    dear philatelists,

    iam having 7 different varieties of rath yathra miniature sheetes only for sale and as iam going abroad.
    so if anybody interested to buy please call 09841704117
    rhanking you

  26. dr pradeep Jain says:

    Mr Venkat , if u want this set please give your mobile no.

  27. Affaq says:

    I am intrested buy your stamps/maniture sheets on topic Puri Rath Yathra so can you email me about your quantity and price thanks

  28. Maria says:

    Hello there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wodnnrieg which blog platform are you using for this website? I’m getting fed up of WordPress because I’ve had problems with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  29. Sudhir Jain says:

    I still need right side white paper with cross printing. Anybody interested in exchange or sale may contact.
    – Sudhir Jain

  30. Rajendra Agarwal "Shashi" says:

    Mr. Sudhir Jain,
    I have 10 M/s. all left top traffic light. May I get some other in exchange? My ID is rajendra8171@gmail.com

  31. Sudhir Jain says:

    Dear Mr. Shashi,
    I can give you left bottom, right top and right bottom on 1 : 1 basis.

  32. prakash bubkiya says:

    i can give rathyatra miniachure sheet ,

    plz contact email –


  33. Sudhir Jain says:

    Shri Prakash Ji,
    I need right side white paper with cross printing

  34. Ashish says:

    I want to buy/exchange 9 varieties of Rath Yatra MS.

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