Stamp on Sant Shada Ram Sahib Released

\"\"India Post released a commemorative stamp on  Sant Shadaram Sahib on 25th Oct. 2010.
About Sant Shadarm Sahib

Sant Shadaram Sahib took birth in Lohana family ascending to the dynasty of Raja Lav in Lahore in October 1708. Sant Shadaram Ji Maharaj was commonly know as the reincarnation of Bhagwan Shiva. In his childhood, he used to devote most of his time time in meditation and had shown many miraculous performances.After the age of twenty, Saint shadaram left for Tirath and for the aspiritual welfare of the people.

In 1768 Sant Shada Ram Sahib reached Mathelo, a great city of Sindh.In 1793 Sant Shadaram Sahib left for heavenly adobe .

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