1. Jasvinder Sehgal says:

    Congrats and thanks Diyanshu for posting such an important information.
    Actually many stamp collectors like me are unaware about these kind of facilities in India.
    I am wondering why the Philatelic Accounts of philatelic Bureaus are under publicized, although they can help millions philatelists.
    I myself am collecting stamps from last 8 years but was playing in the hands of the so called “agents”.
    How much money I have wasted can be evident of the fact that with the wasted amount I would have opened more than 2500 accounts.
    Great information,
    All the best,

  2. Anil Kr Pujara says:

    Thanx for the encouragment.

  3. Monu Jain says:

    Hi Guy,
    I opened a PD account in Delhi Parliament Street Post office with 400 initial amount,They didn’t allow me to choose “Annual Stamp Pack” option , They refused me to provide “Annual Stamp Pack” .I was allowed to choose only FDC,Brochure with First Day Canceled option , Miniature sheet and a block of 4 commemorative stamp. is it right that we can’t go for “Annual Stamp Pack”. They gave me only Account Number not any document is it right?
    They didn’t provide me any information like what is the mode of payment in PD account if amount is going to less,How much time they would take to send me order, how i would inform them if i want to change any information like address,order etc.How they would inform me regarding order delivery.
    I am a beginner in Philatelic world , i don’t know much about it.Could you please help me to get information on above questions.

  4. anil kr pujara says:

    Dear Normally it takes two months to commence the delivery/supply of your ordered items at your given address.You can deposit the amoount at the counters in Parliament Street Post by filling in slip which is available at Philatelic counter. They deposit the amount in your PDA a/c. In case if you wish you can deposit the money through A/C payee cheque which normally takes longer time for bringing credit in your a/c. Anyway choice is yours.There are bureaus which accept the option of year pack in PDA a/c.Normally it should be accepted and respected.

  5. monu says:

    thanks a lot..


    I have opened one pd account in Nellore Head post office and paid an amont of Rs.200/- but they have given me only pd stamps for Rs.190/- full amount stamps not given. why i am not eligible for getting full amount stamps pl

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