Philately As An Investment

By Ramesh Kumar Mandal

\"\"Philately is basically a hobby, to be pursued for pleasure and relaxation. Stamp collecting has been called \” The hobby of kings and the kinds of hobbies\” but it is more than an investment.

Stamp collecting is really a very strange pastime. In the world of arts, graphic design and printing, stamp collecting is perhaps the only hobby in which the errors enhance the value of the stamps and make money. If a postage stamp is damaged it becomes worthless but an error in printing add to the value of the postage stamps.
Philately is a vast business and one can invest money on postage stamps, first day cover, special cover, max-cards and other philatelic items guide frequently to greater advantage than accruing from any other form of investment.

The value of stamps is a complex phenomenon governed by a number of factors and like any useful things this is  subject to the vagaries of demand and supply. The value of any postage stamp increase when the demand exceeds supply, vast this difference factor will be the increase in value of postage stamps.

This basic condition apart, there are other factors like the number of postage stamps issued – a Drab commemorative of 1 million issue (Rajkumar Shukla) will certainly one day be more valuable than an attractive commemorative of which 4 million postage stamps have been issued.

It is a lot safer, wiser and invariably more profitable to put one\’s money in the bank account than on postage stamps.

Therefore do not consider philately as an investment and live to regard it entertain it as one of the most educative and popular hobbies in the world and many years of happiness await you !

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4 Responses to Philately As An Investment

  1. Anil Kr Pujara says:

    I fully agree with your views but unfortunately that is not the real scene. The hobby of Kings n King of Hobbys has been grabed by those elements who want to make fortune out of it.Given the chance n choice they will not hesitate to get your house also transferred to their name in exchange of an item of your want list as you just need to disclose your want list to them .

  2. M. S. Bhatt says:

    Philately is gradually watering down to an investment in recent years when the usage of postal stamps has come down, thanks to internet & mobile which can handle documents and images. Post offices have introduced franking and other alternatives to stamping. Even those few stamps which are used are the run of the mill type (kilo ware variety for a philatelist). Then what is the use of stamps ? Buy them for investment (giving dealers their due share of course in the process) but as warned by all great philatelists and re-iterated by Shri. Ramesh Kumar Mandalji, not be made on par with a bank investment.


    Recently I bought a mint Block-set of 4 stamps each of Gandhi-1969 from a dealer for Rs.2,000.-. This compounds Rs.28.- of 1969 at some 11% per annum or so till date. Not bad-but a Gandhi should have appreciated more, I suppose. Also mind, no premium has been accounted for to KEEP safely these 16 stamps in pristine condition. I personally get huge instant gratification when I use commemoratives on the envelopes and that I have been doing for more than 30 years now. (I am a Mumbai G.P.O. philatelic deposit A/c.holder since 1979.) Good investment is a less important aspect of POSTAGE STAMPS. Philately is for the DEALERS, I am just a consumer of beautiful tickets that are highly informative too.

  4. Admin says:

    Certainly Philately has both the aspects…I believe its a hobby that give you information along with the huge satisfaction of the increment in the value of your collection….

    It has both pros and cons…The fact that dealers & investors have captured the field for their commercial benefit, But who wouldn’t like to earn if there is an opportunity????

    No matter what, there is always a way around…..

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