Meghdoot:A Post Card With Difference

By Anurag Vajpeyi

\"\"Wrinting Post -Card is almost 250 years old in India.

Small postcards of East India company were popular in even 18th centuary.Post cards are still being used by millions for communication.

India as a country enjoys the previledge to have introduced the \”Meghdoot Post-Cards\”.

\"\"These unique post cards are widely used across the country. These \”meghdoot post-cards\” are still  avialable in just 25 paisa to common man. The government of India (India Post) meets out the remaining cost through the advertisements posted on the front portions of the best cards.

It gives a unique opportunity to advertise and increase mass awareness. Several of the state governments are using this space to spread  awareness about various welfare programmes.

\"\"Meghdoot procvoides 100% gurantee of publicity of any product and service to any advertiser.
Many phi;atelists are collecting \”Meghdoot Post-Cards\” which were published in many languages and cover a wide array of subjects, messages,and topics.

Different postal circles across the country have released a variety of such \”meghdoot post-cards\” in almost all languages of India.

For philately such collection is really new and creative in itself.


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  1. Sudhir Jain says:

    Any Meghdoot issued in the year2010 ?

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