Stamps On Your Mobile:\”Intelligent Stamps\” Ready to Launch

\"\"According to the recent announcement by the \”Royal Mail\” it will be releasing \”intelligent\” stamps. 

These intelligent stamps are a form of augmented reality giving out a wholistic experience of combining the Internet and the real world with each other.  

Intelligent stamps would be using an application called Junaio image recognition  (a free application ) to scan the stamp on your mobile. Once recognised you will be referred to exclusive content which adds extra details to the stamp in question. 

For example, the Great British Railways Edition will refer you to a short film about the Auden Poem \”The Night Mail\”. 

It\’s an interesting idea that will no doubt have a novelty factor to start and will give an interesting way to provide extra details about a subject.

Future plans with introducing more advanced intelligent stamps also include ideas like fitting a whole URL on a stamp to refer people to the details to enhance the functional relevance of the stamp. The idea may seem difficult to realize but it will not be impossible, say technology experts.

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