RAJPEX: Should It Be A Dealers Bazar or Philatelists\’ Event?

Rajasthan Postal Circle Postpones RAJPEX  till January 2011.

\"\"Amazing Facts !

It was announced that\” Raj Pex\” will be held in 2nd week of October 2010.

An organizing committee was constituted .

All the prominent members of this committee were top stamp dealers.

No  philatelist was included as a member in this committee.

This committee convinced postal authorities to conduct one-day exclusive dealers Bazar during Raj Pex. Though it is against the fundamental principles of any hobby, authorities allowed them to turn a philatelic exhibition into a business event.

This committee started advertising \”Dealers-Bazar\” through some popular philatelic websites.

Interestingly, they advertised their mobile numbers also for providing any help regarding hotel booking and even entry forms.

Issues of Grave Concern 

Is \”Raj Pex\”, an event of postal circle or dealers?

Now when Raj Pex postponed, it should be ensured that every activity of this event should be advertised at Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur philatelic bureaus and some senior philatelists should be included in organizing committee.

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17 Responses to RAJPEX: Should It Be A Dealers Bazar or Philatelists\’ Event?

  1. Hiren says:


  2. Anil Kr Pujara says:

    Sale from dealers should be conditional.It should be only with the objective to promote the hobby n not allowed to become a profit oriented venture.

  3. Prakash bubkiya says:

    Some senior philatelist like sh Layakat ali saheb(80+) ,sh nankani (55+)M.9314059280 from jodhpur must be included in org committee of RAJPEX 2011.thanks.

  4. Jasvinder Sehgal says:

    This looks like Pakistanis fixing a cricket match.
    It is a serious scam and the probing agencies should expolre the underneath story.
    The nobleness of the philatily has been damageed by this.

  5. rajesh paharia says:

    The fact discussed and informed are wrong and baseless.
    Firstly , rajpex is postponed but january dates are not yet decided.
    Secondly , Rajpex’ organising committe have all president’s / general secretaries of various philatelic socities working in Rajasthan as its members .
    Are these all dealers ?
    Stamp Dealers are assets to any Exhibition.
    Recent success of Stamp mania , dak Bharti etc can be attributed easily to 50 + dealers stall over there.
    Can Philately grow without dealers ?
    I wish people who comment sit on other side of table and see that how revenues from 50 stalls sale can help the grow self sustained and philately does not look for subsidies from India Posts to grow . Rajesh Paharia , Gen Sec , Philatelic Society of rajasthan

    • Prakash Bubkiya says:

      plz write the names of general secretaries( with contect no,) of various societies of Rajasthan who are included and involved in “RAJPEX-Committee” for 2010/2011.

      • rajesh paharia says:

        Bubkiya ji
        you know every General Secretary of all philatelic societies working in rajasthan.
        Why are you looking for some specefic name ?
        As a protocol , APMG Philately , Rajasthan Circle will be the right person to give names.
        If you feel that somebody has good role to play in this event than you can always send a request to India Posts.

        • prakash bubkiya says:

          Thanks for your comments!
          This is the right place/online platform for healthy discusions, interactions on philately.
          I have suggested Shree Layakat Ali Saheb from jodhpur who is one of the unique personalities in philately.
          We must take the guidelines for philately.
          There is no protocol for healthy criticisum,discussion apart from gen secy/president of various association

  6. Avdhesh Pareek says:

    Recently I visited philately center at Udaipur Post Office to collect first day covers, postal stamps of passed years and stamps released on some special events. etc.
    But I had to return bare hands. It lwas very disappointing and surprising that a philately center of famous city is not having collection of stamps, neither of this year nor of previous years.
    It seems like this center is captured by some dealers and all new issues are captured by them.
    According to me such centers should be closed and First Day Cover, Stamps, Miniature Sheets should be provided directly to account holders, so that unnecesary expenses can be reduced.

    • prakash bubkiya says:

      You are requested to visit jodhpur (Rajasthan)342001 centre.
      You will sure feel change from Udaipur.
      It is just reverse and the services rendered by the incharge is marvellous.
      He is always at service with a pleasing smile.

      • Dinu says:

        Dear Bubkiyaji,

        I shall surely love to visit Jodhpur centre for a change. Another one in Coimbatore.

        Come to national capital also to have some other type of experience.

        Rajesh pahariaji’s answer seems too arrogant.
        But I stand open to correction.

  7. Kamran Ahmad says:

    I have heard that Rajpex is rescheduled and will be held in Jawahar Kala Kendra,Jaipur on 2-5 Dec 2010.
    Somebody can provide us details?

  8. Naresh grawal says:

    Presence of dealers adds grace, attraction and beauty to any philatelic show.They are the key persons around whom this philately revolves. They are the material providers and guide too as they possess vital knowledge about different aspects of philately. Yes, they do have their financial interests as thy are professionals.. Deptt. of post should see that what ever material is issued during the goes primarily to the collector and not to dealers. Undoubtedly,”Dealers Bazar” sounds little commercial and so may be named as “Stamp Bazar”.More the dealers more philatelists have the choice and chance of getting the material of their choice and lower the prices. Dealers are part and parcel of philatelic movement.They should be WELCOMED.

  9. Er.Hemant Kumar Jain says:

    I think few money minded persons are involved in Philately. They are converting King”s of Hobby in to a business by investing there black money.They purchase all philatelic material in bulk from Bureaus & creates artificial scarcity in market.Recently example is set anent stamps of Indian council for education+ Dr. Triguna sen, almost out of stock from so many Bureaus.
    I wants to discusions & healthy debate in this matter from our distinguish Philatelic brothers.

    Er.H.K.Jain (A.E.)

    • Dinu says:

      Shall I add some more names Er. H. K. Jain Saab
      MS of Krishnadeva Raya
      Afirca Asia Joint issue is also going to be scarce in few days as Error has been reported in some other blogs.

      Core of signals, Chitralekha and might be KM Mathew is heading down in the same way.
      I am keeping my finger crossed for Rashtrapati Bhaban MS.

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