Philately Dying? No Way…

\"\"In common parlance the myth prevails that the tendency of writing letters is decreasing & philately is going to be a hobby of past.

Up to some extent it is right as we can see the rising of e-mails & use of computers & cell phones in personal communication.

In India it is a trend that after introducing any new technology people start talking about future of existing things.

It has already happened with Radio. When TV started in India in 1982 and private channels came in every body and even policy makers started talking that now Radio has no future.

But today the popularity of F.M. Radio in even metropolitan cities expalins a whole new story about the future of Radio.

Same with the  newspapers, there circulation is continuously increasing,  their authenticity is intact despite presence of more than 300 TV channels.

It should be understood that no new technology replaces the old one. On the contrary, it generally enriches the previous.

Scooter did not replace bicycle and keypad is not going to replace pencil.

Our concern is philately.

It is a myth that we will not see stamps after few years.

Facts indicate a whole new story . As we know that  there are only 2 to 3 lakhs active philatelists in the country, than why \”India-Post\” is releasing 8 lakh stamps of many commemorative issues? 

In 2010 many stamps printed in a number of 6 to 8 lakhs.

Who is using them?

Definitely public is still using these stamps, besides the number of definitive stamps printed is in millions.

In fact, this myth should be demysified now that use of stamps is decreasing.

India lives in villages, where courier services are neither available nor reliable.

About 70 million people are not within the reach of computers or courier services.

All these billions of people across the country are using Post-cards, In-land letters, Stamps, and Money order services. 

According to the sources of the indian postal department, post offices are receiving bulk mail from corporates like, BSNL, LIC & many other MNCs.All such posts are however posted with franking without affixing stamps.

Common people of India do use stamps and use them everyday in billions actually.

Philatellists need not be worried anymore. Keep collecting lovely stamps!

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32 Responses to Philately Dying? No Way…

  1. Raman kumar Mandal says: is a unique creation in the field of Philately.
    Raman ku. Mandal
    319,azad nagar
    PO. shivpuri new colony

  2. Prakash bubkiya says:


    • Philatelist says:

      It is mainly because there is an under-current crusade creating ripples in the existing realm of the dealers begun in Rajasthan. Credit obviously goes to the philatelists who carry the hobby in right directions.
      Hopefully, other states and more philatelists will also be awakened in days to come.

  3. Prakash bubkiya says:

    On 27/06/2010-& 02/08/2010 both stamps are not available in the bureau, what is this, is it the fabricated demand by the dealers or the GPO staff ,even postal heritage stamps & miniachure not available.
    plz convey my thoughts to director general of posts through your site.

    • Philatelist says:

      There is a need to raise the voice more stongly.Your concern and agony is genuine.Authorities must understand their duties and responsibilities.

  4. Anil Kr Pujara says:

    Philately has somewhat lost the direction. From a pure hobby it has shifted to new its Avtar of making quick money.The hobby should graduate but not loose the direction.

  5. Prakash bubkiya says:

    6 heroins stamps not yet released , there is no message from postal authority ,for postpondment/cancellation ,what is this ?

  6. Anil Kr Pujara says:

    Only site to give so detailed information on YSRajshekharreddy stamp.Good work.All compliments n please keep it up.

  7. prakash bubkiya says:

    Indian Security Press ,Nasik, facing shortage of paper. Due to this some stamps & miniachure are not yet printed wef 2008. Short supply creates the demand. Dealers enjoy with the bulk stocks,is it right step by the postal deptt.

    there is a problem of cancellation F.D.C. at mostly philately counter like mumbai V T,Pune etc ,subordinate staff coming about 11 am as per duty without wearing the dress code ,still philatelist wait & watch up to 11am ,respective P.M.G.should look in to the matter seriously &expected to surprise visit once a quarter, plz convey my feelings through your site.

  8. Dinesh Sabharwal says:

    For keeping the Philately alive and rather to promote it further,
    youth of the country has to be involved. Workshops can be
    conducted in this regard at schools and colleges to create an
    awareness and interest amongst the students.

    Phila-Mirror can also play a big role through dissemination
    of relevant information. Senior philatelists should
    come forward to invest their time and effort for conducting
    such workshops with the sole aim of inculcating an
    interest in Philately by imparting proper guidance.

  9. Prakash Bubkiya says:

    All philatelic- bureaus must pblicly display and write information for incoming stamps arrivals and their availability for philatelists.
    Availability of stamps on the visible “NOTICE BOARD” as well as m. sheets is very necessary.
    It generally happens that for any new issue / release the incharge flatly refuses to give required quantity.
    On the other side the same item is readily available in the market

  10. prakash bubkiya(kanku chopra) says:

    At every G.P.O.Philately, there is spl cancellation problem.
    First of all there is no gentleman ready to prepare the f.d.c. &handover with cancellation.
    It may be due to lake of manpower that philatelist are not attended timely and promptely.
    Even the next day we find the monopoly of indiapost.
    Is it a proper behaviour?
    Every P.M.G.must monitor the services rendered by philately beaureau.
    There must be a suggetion register /complaint register like any other Government Department.

  11. Kamran Ahmad says:

    whenever i went to any philately counter i see the excellent response by the staff.They really appreciate the hobby and help any kind whatever i ask .Although i have visited only Ajmer,Jaipur,Tonk,Guna,Bhopal,philately counters.

  12. Viswas Menon says:

    Good article! We must start more clubs at school levels and organize events at schools. This will keep the hobby going strong..

  13. Naresh grawal says:

    Both articles on philately on “Inexpensive way of collecting” and the other on “Effect of emails on paper philately”…………. are wonderfully written. Certainly philately is not dying rather spreading. Scientific development in communication means has no way harmed philately rather helped development of philately in its own way.To add to this I would say philately has come up with new branches.Addition of newer materials. Certainly,it is not a matter to get discouraged rather one should explore philately.We must see that newer established branches have come up….Maximaphily, Fugal philately, Social philately.etc. etc.. I expect some more articles on these subjects which may help development and promotion of philately.

  14. Krista Mary Joseph,London says:

    Philately is dying….yes, perfectly right….. in the minds of the genuine collectors, but not in the minds of investors & dealers

  15. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    At age 15, in 1974 I became a philatelist & spent all my pocket money on it. By 1982 I had all the post-independence stamps & my pre-1947 lacked some 10 stamps. In ’79 opened a PDA at Mumbai GPO & have been USING commemorative material daily. For the last 30+ years using commemorative stamps daily has been THE BEST , the most enjoyable & the most fulfilling part of Philately to me. Then in Oct-2010 I bought a netbook & Thanks a lot dear PHILAMIRROR I have diverted a Lac and some from my Stockmarket Portfolio & am getting my revenge on the youngtime ‘wasted’ now. That revenge is in the incomparable RELAXATION philately gives. Health magazines push Dogs . I love dogs too a lot,but for me philately is even better.
    But I feel sad when I realize that these days kids consider collecting
    stamps such FALTOO , un-cool & non-smart pursuit.
    At least use your commemoratives even if do not feel like
    collecting them.

  16. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    Krista Mary Joseph of London-I could not agree more. Philately-at lease the Old fashioned version that prevailed in the 60s & 70s & even before that is sadly GONE. The innocence & romance is dead. INVESTING & business part seems to be thriving though at least for now.

  17. mehfooz ahmad saharanpuri says:

    in my city saharanpur(U.P.),there is a philatelic centre in GPO but they are lacking with new stamps.last month i purchased some stamps of latest stamp even current year stamp is available.i went to see the stamp of heroines,parliament,madhubala,delhi railway station but nothing i found.though i found some but i purchased them with a sense something is better then nothing.i think postal department ignore most of the ordinary more problem is that the man incharge is awfully buisy in other works he cant pay proper attention to philatelist.most of the time he ask to come some other times,when we go to him at other times he again & again call to come some other philatelist told me that good stamps doesn’t arrive here.only ‘sarawa’stamp come in this city. sarawa stamp means rotten stamps.ha!ha!ha!

    • Satish says:

      to have been from Hitlers personal camp, there are many loose stapms and some hinged in the book there are stapms from many countries dating from the 1840 s thru 1940 s is there any way I can authenticate this book, it was not taken care of very well I have been trying to organize and research some of the stapms but there are hundreds and it is very time consuming. I have some pictures from the rhineland and my fathers war papers, etc Please offer some advice..Thank you

  18. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    Mr. Mehfooz, by ‘sarawa’ I think you mean the personalities stamps. Although you must me annoyed but I am laughing as ‘sarawa’ , I suppose in east U.P. dialect means -The Rotten. But let me tell you that some of these unloved at first stamps are now most avidly wanted
    by collectors. For example, Rs.10. -Gandhi of 1948, Begum Akhtar stamp of 1994 & Shukla Stamp of 2000 etc.

  19. R.K.MISHRA says:

    Krista Mary Joseph,London says:
    February 4, 2011 at 9:57 AM
    Philately is dying….yes, perfectly right….. in the minds of the genuine collectors, but not in the minds of investors & dealers

  20. State governments should include philately as a subject in text books. And education dept should conduct regular exhibitions, seminars on philately in schools. philately associations try to spread the stamp collection hobby to rural schools more and more.

  21. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    India Post itself is working against philately by promoting use
    of metered post. Still, they are able to sell commemoratives
    to stamplovers/investors/dealers.
    In the last two+ years the only stamp I have received has been
    either Subhash Chandra Bose or Gandhi Re.1.- definitive
    on magazines poly enclosures.

  22. Dinu says:

    Mr. Bubkiya was lamenting on 2nd and 3rd September 2010 about not issue of some stamps etc, etc.

    Has he noticed the record created by India Post for 100 years of Cinema – 50 stamps – not evena single one, one can have.

    On the other hand SEBI some 1.08 million (with 0.75 million for the proponent) readily launched.

    Nil Ratan Sircar – not issued
    Neelam Sanjeev Reddy not issued
    Might be no taker

    “Money speaks Sirs money speaks.
    and that makes business sense too both for the persons , decision makers in India post, and for poor India post. ”

    Kings are gone – their hobby will also go.

    One new idea from my side

    India ,except two or few exception , has always published stamps posthumously. Those greats who have no taker after their death have no proponents – but some others have

    India post can issue stamps for living persons , with some premium over and under board for such issue. and I am sure there will be many takers , who will like to immortalize their name – and it will surely make money for the India post.

  23. SUNIL KUMAR GARG says:

    Is there a way of issuing Rares? If yes, then the survival of
    Philately is nearly guaranteed.

    One just has to look deeply & understand the ways of
    ‘venerable’ Stanley Gibbons of UK. Investment
    Philately will survive, no matter.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the Art & the Color…

  24. Wine Info says:

    I loved reading through your post. Pleased I discovered your blog.

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